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Su Teoh, MD is an otolaryngologist in Greensboro NC specializing in diseases and disorders of the head and neck, most commonly the ears, nose and throat. Su Teoh, MD

Find out if it’s still possible to get strep throat even if you have your tonsils removed.

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A large selection of brochures for patients to learn about ear, nose, throat and sinuses. A section for health care providers regarding diagnoses and treatment for

Sooth a sore throat. If you suffer from chronic sore throats, but don’t want to overdose on cough syrup, turn to apple cider vinegar. Mix one teaspoon apple cider

Consultant ENT – Head & Neck Surgeon, Dr Andrew Loy. Our principle is to treat our patients holistically to achieve the best quality of life for them.

Different kinds of sore throats: viral, bacterial, and those caused by dryness — and things you can do about them.

Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nose & Throat. Since 1975, Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nose and Throat (EOENT) has grown to be the largest ear, nose and throat clinic in the state of

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sinusitis, ear, nose, throat, andSCUBA-related problem advice by Dr. Grossan, a specialist andauthor. Treatment without drugs. Special advice is offered for AIDSand

Read the recent Allergy feature in D Magazine: “Why You’re Allergic to North Texas”. On the beauty side of Dr. Adelglass’ practice, his expertise in the field

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Ear, nose and throat doctor and head and neck surgeon. Patient education and forms, services and doctor profile.

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