Saudi Naked Women

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Melania Trump’s conservative style wowed the women of Saudi Arabia over the weekend. From the moment she stepped off Air Force One she captured the imaginations of

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Saudi follows strict islamic laws and the beauty of that is .. crime is virtually unheard off. contrast that with america or other western cities… people get away

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Prince Waleed bin Talal surrounded by beautiful white women. Prince Waleed bin Talal takes delivery of world’s first customized A-380 super jumbo

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Maureen Dowd vacations in Saudi Arabia and, despite the Kingdom’s new tourism push, finds quite a clash of cultures.

Saudi Arabian employer hangs his Ethiopian maid upside down from a hook and beats her to a bloody pulp. She is drenched in blood from the whips and sticks that the

COMMENTATORS, mainly non-Saudis, made a hullabaloo when Michelle Obama, America’s first lady, turned up in Saudi Arabia on January 27th in colourful, loose-fitting

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Saudi Naked Women 29

See photos of Saudi Arabian women, including Bedouin, in this photo gallery from National Geographic.

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